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1. Artikel für herpetofauna
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Zoologie (Herpetologie) und Evolutionsbiologie

2. Ljubisavljevic; K., Andelkovic; M., Uroševic; A., Roitberg E. S. 2022. Female reproductive characteristics of the Balkan sand lizard Lacerta agilis bosnica (Schreiber, 1912). Revue suisse de zoologie 129(1): 147-153.
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3. Roitberg E. S., Orlova V. F., Bulakhova N. A., Kuranova V. N., Eplanova G. V., Zinenko O. I., Arribas O., Kratochvíl L., Ljubisavljevic K., Starikov V. P., Strijbosch H., Hofmann S., Leontyeva O. A., Böhme W. 2020. Variation in body size and sexual size dimorphism in the most widely ranging lizard: testing the effects of reproductive mode and climate. Ecology and Evolution, 10: 4531–4561.
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4. Eplanova G.V. & Roitberg E.S. (2015). Sex identification of juvenile sand lizards, Lacerta agilis using digital images. Amphibia-Reptilia (in press)
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5. Roitberg E. S., Eplanova G. V., Kotenko T. I., Amat F., Carretero M. A., Bulakhova N. A., Kuranova V. N, Zinenko O. I., Yakovlev V. A. 2015. Geographic variation of life-history traits in the sand lizard, Lacerta agilis: testing Darwin's fecundity-advantage hypothesis. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 28, 3: 613-629.
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6. Roitberg E.S., Kuranova V.N., Bulakhova N.A., Orlova V.F., Eplanova G.V., Zinenko O.I., Shamgunova R.R., Hofmann S., Yakovlev V.A. 2013. Variation of reproductive traits and female body size in the most widely-ranging reptile species: testing the effects of reproductive mode, lineage, and climate. Evolutionary Biology, 40, 3: 420-438.
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7. Roitberg E.S., Kuranova V.N., Bulakhova N.A., Orlova V.F., Eplanova G.V., Shamgunova R.R., Hofmann S., Zinenko O.I., Yakovlev V.A. (2012). Geographic variation in reproductive traits and female body size in the common lizard, Zootoca vivipara: The Problems of Herpetology, 274–279. Minsk (in Russian).
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8. Smirina E. M. & Roitberg E. S. 2012. On investigations of the reptilian growth in the directions suggested by A. M. Sergeev. Zoologichesky Zhurnal, 70, 4: 85-96.
9. Roitberg E.S., Orlova V.F., Kuranova V.N., Bulakhova N.A., Zinenko O.I., Ljubisavljevic K., Shamgunova R.R., Carretero M.A., Clasen A., Fokt M. & Böhme W. (2011). Inter-Observer and intra-observer differences in measuring body length: a test in the Common lizard, Zootoca vivipara. Amphibia-Reptilia 32: 477-484.
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10. Roitberg E. S., Orlova V. F., Kuranova V. N., Bulakhova N. A., Clasen A., Kratochvil L., Fokt M., Strijbosch H., Shamgunova R. R., Starikov V. P., Yakovlev V. A., Zinenko A. I.; Tarasov I. G. & Böhme W. (2009). Geographic variation in adult body length and sexual size dimorphism in the common lizard, Zootoca vivipara - 14th Ordinary General Meeting of the Societas Europaea Herpetologica, 28 September - 2 October 2009, Kusadasi/Aydin, Turkey: p. 52-53. (ein Journal-Paper ist auch in Vorbereitung.)
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11. Roitberg E. S. (2007). Variation in sexual size dimorphism within a widespread lizard species. In: Sex, Size, and Gender Roles: Evolutionary Studies of Sexual Size Dimorphism. Fairbairn D. G., Blanckenhorn W. U. & Szekely T. (Eds). Oxford University Press, New York, p. 143-153, 216-217.
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12. Roitberg E. S. & Smirina E. M. (2006b). Adult body length and sexual size dimorphism in Lacerta agilis boemica (Reptilia, Lacertidae): between-year and interlocality variation. In: Mainland and Insular Lizards: a Mediterranean Perspective. Corti C., Lo Cascio P. & Biaggini M. (Eds.). Florence University Press, Florence, 175–187.
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13. Roitberg E. S. & Smirina E. M. (2006a). Age, body size and growth of Lacerta agilis boemica and L. strigata (Reptilia, Lacertidae): a comparative study of two closely related lizard species based on skeletochronology. Herpetological Journal, 16, 2: 133–148
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14. Roitberg E. S. (2006). Book Review: Lizard Social Behavior. Herpetological Review 37, 1: 122–123.
15. Roitberg E. S. & Smirina E. M. (2005). The relationship between body length and femur bone thickness in Lacerta agilis boemica and L. strigata. Implications for growth inferences from skeletochronological data. In: Herpetologia Petropolitana. Ananjeva N. & Tsinenko O. (eds.), pp. 298-300. St. Petersburg, Societas Europaea Herpetologica.
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16. Roitberg E. S., Mazanaeva L. F., Ilyina E. V. & Orlova V. F. (2000). Die Echsen Dagestans (Nordkaukasus, Russland): Artenliste und aktuelle Verbreitungsdaten – Faunistische Abhandlungen, Staatliches Museum für Tierkunde, Dresden, 22, 8: 97-118.
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17. Darevsky I. S. & Roitberg E. S. (1999). A new subspecies of Lacerta caucasica (Sauria, Lacertidae) from the south-east of Chechen Republic - Russian Journal of Herpetology, 6, 3: 209-214.
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18. Roitberg E. S. (1999). Morphological differentiation between the nominative and Daghestanian forms of Lacerta caucasica (Sauria, Lacertidae) complex in their contact zone: sympatric populations of Daghestan and south-eastern Chechen Republic. – Russian Journal of Zoology, 3, 1: 43-52.
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19. Roitberg E. S. & Rostova N. S. (1999). Correlations between meristic scale characters in Lacerta (Sauria): an analysis of the individual variability and population differentiation patterns. - 8th Ordinary General Meeting of the Societas Europaea Herpetologica, Irakleio, Greece, 6-10 September 1999. Programme & Abstracts: 131-133. (ein Journal-Paper ist auch in Vorbereitung.)
20. Roitberg E. S. (1999). Phenetic relationships between Lacerta caucasica, L. daghestanica and L. praticola (Reptilia, Lacertidae): a multivariate trend in external morphology - Natura Croatica, Zagreb, 8, 3: 189-200.
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21. Roytberg E. S. & Smirina E. M. (1995). Age- and size composition of some populations of Lacerta agilis boemica and L. strigata (Sauria, Lacertidae) from eastern North Caucasus. - G.A.Llorente, M.A.Carretero, X.Santos (eds.). Scientia Herpetologica: 224-228.
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22. Fu J., Darevsky I. S., MacCulloch R. D., Kupriyanova L. A., Roitberg E. S., Sokolova T. M. & Murphy R. W. (1995). Genetic and morphological differentiation among Caucasian rock lizards of the Lacerta caucasica complex. - Russian Journal of Herpetology, 2, 1: 36-42.
23. Roytberg E.S. (1994a). A comparative study of intra- and inter-population variation in two sympatric lizards, Lacerta agilis boemica and L. strigata in Daghestan. - Russian Journal of Herpetology, 1, 1: 77-85.
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24. Roitberg E.S. (1994b). A morphological analysis of the Caucasian rock lizards, Lacerta caucasica caucasica and L. c. daghestanica from a contact zone. - Russian Journal of Herpetology, vol.1, N 2, 179-184.
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25. Roytberg E.S. (1991). Variation of head shield pattern in lizards of the genus Lacerta. (Sauria, Lacertidae): trends and constraints. - Zoologichesky Zhurnal, 1991, 70, 4: 85-96 (Russian, with English summary).
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26. Roytberg E.S. (1987). Discrete variants of scutellation in the lizards Lacerta agilis and L. strigata from Daghestan. - Proceedings of the Zoological Institute, Leningrad, 158: 131-138 [Russian, with English summary].
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27. Roytberg E.S. (1982). Evaluation of the possibility of hybridization between Lacerta agilis and L.strigata (Sauria, Lacertidae) in Daghestan. - Zoologichesky Zhurnal, 61, 2: 249-253. [Russian, with English summary]
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Experimentelle Tierpsychologie

28. Roitberg E. & Franz H. (2004). Oddity learning by African dwarf goats (Capra hircus) - Animal Cognition, 7, 1: 61-67.
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29. Franz H., Roitberg E., Löhrke B., Nürnberg G., Dietl G. & Kinzelbach R. (2002). Visual discrimination learning of group housed goats at an automated learning device - Arch. Tierz., Dummerstorf, 45, 4: 387-401.
30. Franz H. & Roitberg E. (2001). Ein Vergleich des Lernerfolges von Zwergziegen bei simultaner Zweifach- oder Vierfachwahlmöglichkeit in visuellen Differenzierungsaufgaben - Arch. Tierz., Dummerstorf, 44, 6: 11-19.